When we backslide into the mire of old sins, we are tempted to doubt the power of Christ to rescue us. After we lose sight of Christ, we attempt to escape the mire on our own. As we wade through its thick, muddy waters and are entangled in the roots and thorns, we will eventually give up and allow them to consume us.

However, if we are believers, though we in our sin do not perceive Him, Christ has been by our side all along, His hand is already outstretched to rescue us, and only He knows the way out.

When we fall time and time again, we doubt the saving power of Jesus, but it is that saving power that is our only hope. Your struggle against sin amounts to nothing if it is not driven by loving trust in Christ. Freedom from sin was secured for you on the cross when your sin died there, and if you feel like giving up because of guilt, you can rest in knowing that your guilt died there too. When you are trapped in the mire, doubt everything else, but never doubt the power and the willingness of the Savior to save!

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