To covet is to commit theft with the heart. It is when you look at something someone else has, and desire that you have it instead. The sin of covetousness is rarely spoken of, and it is even more rarely taken seriously, but it is much worse than most people give it credit for.

Covetousness reveals a lack of satisfaction in God. When we covet, we believe in our hearts that our foremost joy may be found in objects. We make idols of possessions, and replace the glory of Christ with the temporary pleasure of trinkets and trifles.

When we covet, we value objects more than subjects—we desire someone’s loss for the sake of our gain. Covetousness is in direct opposition to the love of Christ, who freely gave His life on the cross so that we may gain life in Him.

When you covet, remember how Christ sacrificed Himself for your sake, and do the same for others. Turn your eyes away from worthless things, and set your gaze upon the exceeding worth of Jesus. He alone can satisfy you, and He alone is the source of contentment and lasting joy!

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