All of us, to a degree, desire to be in control of our lives. We like to be on top of things, and when we are not, we become anxious, confused, and angry. The more we seek this control, however, the less peace we have.

We lack peace because we forget deadlines, we are late to work, and we sleep too long—we are doomed to fail because we are finite creatures. When we make mistakes, especially when they are a result of sin, they sting because they make us look bad. Nobody wants to be seen as forgetful, late, and lazy!

Punctuality is certainly well and good. Consider, however, that when we do fail, our only lament is that our reputation has been damaged. Seldom do we consider how our failures dishonor Christ. What appears to be “godly punctuality” is often done, not for the glory of God, but for the glory of self.

Both the punctual and habitually late Christian are equally loved by God. Do not think for a second that, simply because you have more control over your life, you are more loved by God than your brother who isn’t.

The person who desires complete control over his life has no peace because the only one capable of such a feat is God Himself. The one who longs for control may only be satisfied by entrusting his life to God.

All of us are doomed to fail, but Christ died to pay for those failures. When you are not on top of things, you may still rest in that Christ suffered to take your shame away. Seek to do well, but do so for the glory of Christ alone, and rest in His sovereignty!

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