Nothing sends shivers down your spine quite like the sound of a child crying for help—especially if that child is your own. When a child is in danger, even bystanders will rush in to save him, but nobody will ever run faster than that child’s father.

We who have put our faith in Jesus are God’s adopted children, bought with Christ’s own blood. Because of what Christ has done on our behalf, we are precious in our Father’s sight. A good father does not walk away when his child is in danger. A good father does not cup his ears when his child is weeping.

How dare we say, then, that God, who is a perfect Father, does not hear our prayers? How dare we say that God does not care about our problems? God hears the cries of His adopted children. God sees every tear that streams down your face. God loves you, and He cares about your problems more than you do.

Even so, God is still God. His thoughts are above our thoughts. Often, His plan does not make sense to us. Sometimes, in His perfect plan, God allows us to go through times of suffering. In this life, we may never know the purpose of our pain.

During these times, you may doubt everything else in this world, but never doubt God’s love! It is only because of God’s love that you can ever find joy through the pain, and it is only by God’s grace that you can survive. When you cry out to God in anguish, find rest in the fact that God listens to your cries. When your life shatters, entrust its pieces to the One who holds all things together!

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