There is no power within us to defeat temptation at any point. Even the smallest of sins is too great for us to be victorious over on our own. The matter of killing sin, then, is not about mere personal restraint. Even if we do somehow succeed in putting off our temptations for a little while, we will quickly find ourselves returning to the same old pattern of death. We kill sin by living to Christ. God cannot be in the presence of sin, but it is also true that sin cannot stand in the presence of God. The pursuit of holiness is the pursuit of the Lord—to flee from sin is to flee to Him. If you are not finding victory over sin, then perhaps it is because you are attempting to fight it alone. If you think you can kill sin by your own strength, then you need to repent of your false repentance. Run to God’s Word, learn to be in awe of Christ, and seek the face of God!

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