We live in a time when it is considered acceptable to call oneself a Christian, and yet, have no zeal for God’s word, no fervor in worship, and no love for the lost. The reason why so many of us have this lack of passion is because we lack consistent prayer.

We can grow in our passion for these things, then, by consistently praying for them. Prayer is a special time in which Christians are called to align their hearts with God’s own. The more consistent prayer is, the more our hearts and God’s heart will beat to the same rhythm.

If you have no zeal for God’s word, then pray earnestly that God would teach you and sanctify you as you read. If you have no fervor in worship, then pray boldly that God would be exalted in it to the utmost. If you have no love for the lost, then pray desperately for their salvation. Pray that God would make you as passionate about these things as He is—why would He refuse such a humble request?

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