I speak from experience—when you get a migraine, you are not supposed to cry. To those who have never had a migraine, crying seems like it would make things better. The more you squint your eyes, and the louder you wail, however, the more agonizing the pain becomes. Eventually, if you cry for long enough, the pain becomes debilitating: you begin vomiting, you lose the ability to talk, and your walk turns into a stagger.

When life does not go our way, we complain because we think that it will make things better. Of course, it only makes our pain worse. Despair never heals, it only hurts.

Like the progression of the pain of a migraine, a simple refusal to smile quickly turns into a refusal to love others, and a refusal to love others turns into a rejection of their help. Eventually, the complainer loses all of his friends, and his unsolved problems fester and grow until they overwhelm him.

A migraine can last for hours, or even days. For many, relief only comes when you take medicine and sleep it off in a dark, tranquil place. Likewise, the cross is that dark, tranquil place to which all who are in pain can go and find rest. When our pain is unbearable, we can look to Jesus, who bore the greatest pain to save sinners like us.

There is no greater peace and joy than knowing that God Himself loves you enough to suffer for your sake. If you have put your faith in Jesus, then you can know for certain that everything, no matter how painful, is part of God’s plan for your good and His glory. When you want to complain, worship Christ instead. Only Jesus can give you the comfort you seek!

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