In Delighting in the Trinity, Michael Reeves supplies us with a biblical understanding of God’s triune nature, and its practical application to our lives as Christians. The ultimate purpose of this book is to give us a knowledge of God’s triune love that leads us to a greater joy in Him.

delight_trinityThrough the usage of clear and impactful language, Reeves intends to bolster our faith in and love for God as we better understand the implications of who He is. In short, this book is about Delighting in the Trinity.

One strength of this book is its surprising clarity on such a difficult topic. It is an impressive feat to write a book on something as thick as the Trinity in everyday language. Normally, the subject of the Trinity is something that can cause a great deal of confusion and general headache, but Reeve’s writing style helps greatly to provide clarity and understanding to an otherwise befuddling subject.

This book is seriously life-changing. As one who has intentionally avoided thinking about the Trinity for most of his Christian life, this book gave me incredible encouragement. The Trinity shows us that God is loving and relational. Without the Trinity, there is no purpose for our existence and there is no means of salvation. If God existed from eternity past as only one in person and essence, He would have no concept of love for others. If God was merely two in person, He would have no concept of sharing His love. Because God is Triune, we are able to find great peace and rest in knowing that we have a God who truly loves us. The Father’s love for His Son overflows into His creation, which He created as a gift to His Son. According to the will of the Father, we are redeemed by the work of the Son on the cross and transformed by the Holy Spirit to love God as we ought to. The Trinity is not something to be afraid of, but it should instead be delighted in.

Tweetable quotes from the book:

  • To know the Trinity is to know God, an eternal and personal God of infinite beauty, interest and fascination. Tweet This!
  • The Trinity is a God we can know, and forever grow to know better. Tweet This!
  • Christianity is not primarily about lifestyle change; it is about knowing God. Tweet This!
  • To be a child of some rich king would be nice but to be the beloved of the emperor of the universe is beyond words. Tweet This!



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